About Me



Victoire Douniama is documentary   photographer and freelance writer from the Republic of Congo . Born in Brazzaville raised in Johannesburg Victoire’s childhood is nurtured with different cultures.

Victoire developed an interest in documenting cultural and  travel photography from a young age. 

She uses her work to explore and demonstrate  the true essence of everyday life in Congo Brazzaville and captures the beauty and unique culture of her country by exploring on cultural performances, Congolese art work and traditional practices.

Victoire is also part of the the african photo jornalist data base [APJD] better known as Everyday Africa.

She has been commisioned by Congo Kitoko, Butterfly, Ndozicongo, culturetrip, ubuntutalks , Ozy media and many more.

when she is not narrating stories through photographs, you can find her writting about it. amongst other things Victoire describes herself as a local expert who equally enjoys working as a fixer in Brazzaville.

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